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Social media, in all its forms, has become an integral part of business marketing. For small companies, the ability to reach out to a targeted consumer audience with a higher likelihood conversion is an outstanding and affordable opportunity.
However, managing your message on the various media platforms is time-consuming and, for smaller companies, the effort draws time and energy away from other productive activities.
Outsourcing media management is becoming a standard option. Platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Amazon, and more can place your business squarely in front of potential conversions with a message that is positive, timely, consistent, and image enhancing.

Know-How is Essential for Social Media Success

Ricker Duval Business Solutions adds extensive social media experience to their portfolio of business solutions. Understanding the avenues and strategies to maximize your eCommerce presence today will raise public awareness of your company.

Social Media Marketing


A well-devised email campaign is an effective way to target your products to a specific audience. Specials and coupons sent through email can increase traffic and conversions at no cost and let you promote your identity within a specific geographic area or focus your message on a defined set of users.
Ricker and Duval are experienced at the use of MailChimp, the leading platform for designing and sending well-crafted email marketing messages.


Facebook is one of the leading platforms for e-commerce. Creating a Business Page with enticing and exciting information is a unique opportunity. Facebook advertising allows for focus on a particular demographic group including age, gender, income levels, and even political leaning.
A real benefit to using Facebook as a business media marketing tool is that you can personalize your message and show your company’s human side. Ricker Duval will assist you in crafting your Facebook business identity to attract more potential buyers.


Instagram is owned by Facebook but is becoming the primary e-commerce advertising revenue generator for the company. As we know, visual representations have a powerful impact, and Instagram’s advertising revenue was up by 177% in the 2nd Quarter of 2018. Your Instagram advertising will be linked to your Facebook page to bring additional impact to your advertising.



While blogging on your website or elsewhere is not necessarily a social media tactic, it can be very effective in positioning you as a thought leader or influencer in your field. Ricker Duval can support your business by supplying regular, intelligent, and well-researched articles that draw readers back to your site to learn more. Over time, your business reputation will grow.

Ricker Duval Can Enhance Your Presence Through Social Media

Creating a presence with creative and sophisticated social media requires strategy and ongoing original content.
After an initial consultation, we can provide you with the structure of a workable marketing plan that will be:

  • Low cost-per-conversion
  • Targeted
  • Measurable

Ricker Duval is collaborative. After an initial conference, we will meld your ideas and vision with our experience and focus on creating a meaningful social media marketing plan.

Hire a Team of Professionals, But Pay Only for What You Need

Outsourcing company and personal functions that will distract from your company mission is important.
Working with the professionals from Ricker Duval Business Solutions will:

  • Ease the stress of trying to stay current with non-core activities
  • Provide expert, experienced input for marketing and financial decisions
  • Enhance your company’s reputation and bring a sharp, clear focus to your company image

From Financial Management to Marketing Support and more, making the Ricker Duval professionals a silent partner in your endeavor with a customized program of support will enhance your company’s performance while upgrading your image.

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