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Let’s Start at the Beginning…

Seven years ago, two moms bring their baby girls to the community YMCA for swimming lessons. Neither knowing who the other was; one new to town, the other born and raised here her whole life. An event, by any other standards, that would seem unremarkable. Fast forward...

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The Importance of Building a Brand

Let’s talk about branding. Brand is one of those words that is widely used, but often misunderstood and underestimated. As the dictionary defines it, a brand is a person’s perception of a product, service, experience or organization. Seems simple right? We struggle...

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Finding Your WHY

If you do any research on opening your own business and the best way to do this, one of the most common topics that you will find from your general search is “finding your why”. So what is this “why” everyone is talking about and “why” is it so important? Every...

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5 Tips for Opening Your Own Business

The thought of starting your own business can be super exciting and very overwhelming all at the same time! There’s A LOT to think about and a great deal of work that goes into planning the business. So we thought we would break down five important steps to getting...

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About us

Ricker Duval Business Solutions presents a perfect blend of accumulated experience, talent, and education through their dynamic co-founders, Judy Ricker and Jill Duval. Each brings more than a decade of executive business experience that, as partners, extend over a broad spectrum of professional business services.

Judy Ricker & Jill Duval