About Ricker Duval

About Us

Ricker Duval Business Solutions presents a perfect blend of accumulated experience, talent, and education through their dynamic co-founders, Judy Ricker and Jill Duval. Each brings more than a decade of executive business experience that, as partners, extend over a broad spectrum of professional business services.


    Ricker Duval Co-Founders 

    Judy Ricker

    Upon completion of her Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in Accounting from the University of Massachusetts that supplements her Bachelor of Finance degree, Ms. Ricker entered a productive thirteen-year career in finance and accounting and, more recently, real estate. As a ProAdvisor for Intuit’s QuickBooks with considerable experience in event planning, she brings notable business acumen and energy to the Company.

    Jill Duval

    Since earning a Bachelor of Science degree from Rochester Institute of Technology, Ms. Duval has plied her skills and education to entrepreneurship, product development, client collaboration, and project management over the past decade.

    Jill was honored with the prestigious CTNext’s Entrepreneur Innovation Award.

    What We Do 

    Headquartered in South Windsor CT, Ricker Duval Business Solutions offers custom MBA-level financial management, marketing support, bookkeeping, event management, and more for clients throughout the Greater Hartford Region and Connecticut. 
    An ideal choice for small companies, the Ricker Duval professionals can significantly enhance your professional image while expertly performing many back-of-the-house services including accounting, marketing, and administration to allow you to concentrate fully on your core business objectives.
    Far less expensive and more productive than hiring and administering in-house employees, Ricker Duval will:

    • Help to establish a strong and professional image 
    • Manage business and/or personal finance  
    • Oversee bookkeeping activities 
    • Collaborate to develop and execute Marketing initiatives 
    • Plan, organize and execute image-enhancing Special Events 
    • Provide Insurance management consultation 


    Let Ricker Duval Help Upgrade Your Company’s Image 

    Image and public perception of any business are critical. Ricker Duval professionals will provide professional image development along with other services designed to promote your brand to help your small business present the face of reliability and permanence of many larger enterprises.

      Specific Image-Enhancing Services include:

    • Website DesignCommunity Outreach
    • Public Relations
    • Market Strategy Consulting
    • Personal Concierge Services
    • Ricker Duval also works with non-profit organizations to advance their presence and help those endeavors thrive and grow

    Find out how the Ricker Duval professionals can add real value to your business. Request an in-person, no obligation consultation with the Ricker Duval professionals to understand how their services can benefit your activities.

    Ricker Duval is the perfect answer for a small and growing enterprise. Work with professionals who will share your passion and help you move to the next level.